Gospel Outreach World Wide

Brief History
At the mission conference organized by Kajang Life Chapel (KLC) on 15th-18th June 1994, in which nearly 90 attended, 35 participants from 13 Assemblies were inspired by the Lord’s words in Matt, 24:14 to form a mission organization. The organization’s name, which literally means “Gospel to the whole world” is derived from this verse. Since then Kajang Life Chapel has taken on the responsibility of overseeing this mission organisation’s activities. On 1st June 1999, the independent organization called GO Worldwide was officially established.
We thank God that during the past few years, besides church planting work in Seremban, Nilai, Puchong, Banting, Serdang, PJ North, Cheras Mahkota, we also went to Cambodia, China, Central Asia, South East Europe and Indonesia to develop God’s work. 

To reach the unreached people groups in our own country and abroad.

To provide a suitable channel and environment to enable Assemblies to participate effectively in mission.

By our Lord’s leading, to participate in and also to network with Brethren Mission Agencies worldwide in order to play our part in World Mission

  1. To share our vision and experience with Assemblies.
  2. To encourage Assemblies to plant churches in Malaysia and in cross-cultural situations.
  3. To provide a mission resource centre for the use of Assemblies.
  4. To provide advice on missions involvement to Assemblies if requested.
  5. To advise Assemblies on the handling of potential mission works.
  6. To facilitate/assist Assemblies to send out, supervise and care for their commended workers while ensuring that at all times the autonomy of the local churches is safe-guarded.
  7. To be the agency for networking worldwide so as to maximize the use of Brethren resources worldwide.

Our Uniqueness

  1. The organization is a Facilitator and a Faith Mission.
  2. This is an extension of the Brethren missionary impetus of the past and its primary purpose is in the Brethren Assemblies to obey our Lord’s Commandment to do Mission Works.
  3. GOWW will adhere to the teaching of the Word of God in all matters and decisions.
  4. GOWW will work with others who hold the same scriptural principles as stated in the organization’s statement of faith
  5. GOWW works with the Assemblies and will at all times respect the autonomy of the Assemblies.

Our Mandate

  1. To following the footsteps of pioneers of the Brethren Movement in missions. The founders and leaders of the Brethren movement like A.N. Groves, George Muller, J.N. Darby and several others were great examples of pioneering spirit and missionary endeavors. N. Groves influenced many mission leaders in his days. For many years, the ‘Brethren’ were well known leaders in missionary work almost all over the world.
  2. To take the gospel to 4.4 billion precious souls and 10,000 unreached people groups before the Lord’s return.

     Gospel Outreach Worldwide
     3, Jalan Muhibbah 3
     Taman Muhibbah
     43000 Kajang
     Selangor, Malaysia
     Tel: 03-87368989
     Mobile: 012-3386631 (Priscilla)
     Email: goww2005@gmail.com