About CBSM

CBSM Trust

The “Brethren” assemblies has held the Biblical view that each local assembly is accountable to the Lord directly and not to any other earthly council. At the same time, as patterned in Paul’s letters, assemblies are to help each other and maintain unity among them. Without a coordinating team, combined activities tend to be disorganized.

In 1996 at the Assembly Leaders Conference, the idea of a Brethren Secretariat was mooted and a pro-tem committee formed. CBSM was official formed in 1998 with a main committee, guided by a Working Charter. The main purpose is to be the Secretariat office to coordinate combined activities, consolidate and disseminate information, to be centre for communication with other organizations.

In 2011, CBSM became CBSM Trust, making it a legal entity to be more effective in legal matters such as receiving funds. CBSM Trust is governed by the CBSM Trust Deed with trustees representing different parts of Malaysia. The trustees are elected by the elders at Assembly Leaders Conference every 2 years.

Serving the assemblies in Malaysia